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We are looking at the possibility of working with you in the area of Developing freight business and dominating this lucrative route. The fast & quick delivery of cargoes to our numerous clients has earned us an enviable position among our customers & freight forwarders

Cargo Insurance

Dartswift is one-stop solution that applies a suitable Cargo insurance each time you book shipment, effectively removing extra processing steps and bringing you peace of mind. We ensure your claims will be settled quickly and efficiently by saving your plenty of time and efforts. That’s why, your cargo deserves nothing but the best and suitable insurance solution, this way you will be able to focus on growing your business while we ensure that your goods are protected and are safe.
Different types of Cargo Insurance exist. Policies are available to protect the goods while in transit on the ship, but damage can occur while the ship is in port, while the goods are in transit to the warehouse or while at the warehouse itself.
Cargo Insurance Policies can be endorsed to cover all these instances, or a policy can be purchased individually to provide cumulative coverage for all locations of your goods. Protecting the value of your goods is the primary benefit of Cargo Insurance. While you have the option of sending your freight without any insurance, if you do so you would bear the entire financial cost in the event of damage or loss of your shipment.